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Fayyad: 'Donor Countries Must Abide By Their Commitments'

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by Saed Bannoura

Palestinian Prime Minister, Dr. Salaam Fayyad, stated during his Thursday meeting with the Luxembourg's Minister of Development, Cooperation, and Humanitarian Affairs, Marie-Josée Jacobs, in the central West Bank city of Ramallah, that donor countries must abide by their commitments to financially support the Palestinian Authority so that it can perform its duties.

Image By Mustafa Abu Dayya – WAFA News
Image By Mustafa Abu Dayya – WAFA News

He also stated that the dangerously escalating attacks carried out by fundamentalist Israeli settlers against the residents, their lands, and their Christian and Muslim holy sites, must be stopped, and that Israel must take serious measures against them.

The Prime Minister renewed the Palestinian call on the International Community to be effectively and seriously involved in obliging Israel to stop these violations, to respect International Law, and to end its illegal occupation of Palestine so that the Palestinian people can establish their independent state in the 1967 territory, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

He said that the Palestinian people have the right to be able to live in peace, in their independent state, and that ending the Israeli occupation and implementing international law are the only means that would enable the whole region to live in peace and dignity.

Fayyad further said that Israel’s violations are obstructing the conducts of the Palestinian Authority, especially in Area C (under Israeli military control), in occupied East Jerusalem, and in the Gaza Strip, adding that Israel must end the siege on the Gaza Strip. Area C is at least %59 of the West Bank, and falls under full Israeli security and military control.

He also stated that Israel must transfer all Palestinian tax money without any delays, and reaffirmed that all donor countries must respect their commitments by transferring all promised financial support.


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